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Las Vegas Residential Real Estate Lawyers

Are you involved in the complexity of buying or selling residential real estate in southern Nevada? Do you have a full knowledge of the project’s scope? Are you involved in or concerned about the prospect of a dispute or litigation?

Allow us, the full-service law firm of Ken R. Ashworth & Associates, put more than 30 years of complex real estate knowledge to work to help you reach an ideal resolution in your residential real estate issue. Because our firm is well-versed in some of the most complex commercial real estate transactions and issues in the region, there is no residential real estate issue for which we are not prepared.

We Handle All Issues Concerning Residential Property

There is also no residential real estate case too small or large for our lawyers. We are prepared to assist with all types of real estate issues, including:

  • Real estate agent issues
  • Drafting leases
  • Title inspection/transfer
  • Closings
  • Purchasing and sales
  • Refinancing
  • Foreclosure

Regardless of your current priority or long-range goals, you will appreciate the swiftness, thoughtfulness and cost efficiency with which we meet your real estate needs.

Contact Us For Help Resolving Your Real Estate Issues

We are looking forward to introducing you to all that we can do for you and your current situation, as well as understanding how we can serve your future goals. We invite you to contact our offices and arrange your initial consultation. Contact one of our Las Vegas residential real estate attorneys today at 702-893-9500 or via email to arrange a meeting to discuss your legal needs.