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Las Vegas Power of Attorney Lawyer

Las Vegas Power of Attorney Lawyer

Nevada Lawyers Helping Establish Power Of Attorney

Do you know who will make financial decisions on your behalf should you ever be incapacitated? Do you know who will honor your health care wishes should an accident leave you unable to make decisions on your own? Who will be responsible for caring for your children?

None of the above questions are pleasant to think about. However, you likely carry insurance on your most valuable items, “just in case”. Wouldn’t you want to do the same for something as important as major life decisions? Powers of attorney can be exceptional estate planning tools that can specify your financial, medical, health care and lifestyle decisions and assign a trusted individual to execute those decisions should the unthinkable ever occur.

We Use Our Experience To Tailor A Plan Designed To Fit Your Needs

At the Las Vegas law firm of Ken R. Ashworth & Associates, our lawyers bring more than two decades of legal experience to estate planning. We are prepared to put our experience, integrity and credibility to work to help you achieve your goals.

Determining An Option That Is Right For You

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all power of attorney document. There are a number of different options available, including:

  • Durable power of attorney for personal financial decisions: This type of document can help avoid potentially expensive and time-consuming conservatorship proceedings, as well as probate. In this case, a person is named to manage the finances and assets of the incapacitated individual.
  • Durable power of attorney for health care: This documents defines a person’s health care wishes and spells out how those wishes are to be carried out should the person ever be incapacitated or is otherwise unable to communicate.
  • Power of attorney for the care of children: Parents can name a person to provide care for their children. While this document can be restricted to cases involving incapacitation, it can also be useful for parents who are going to be away from their children for a prolonged period.

Contact Us For Help Crafting A Personalized Plan

Power of Attorney Lawyer Las Vegas Nevada

Regardless of your needs, we are ready to take a personalized approach to help you solve them efficiently and effectively. Contact one of our Nevada power of attorney lawyers today at 702-893-9500 or via email to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your legal needs.