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Las Vegas Business Litigation Lawyers

Are you presently involved in a business entity split? Are you involved in a disagreement where there is an accounting dispute? Do you need counsel who can help you ideally resolve a legal disagreement between shareholders?

With more than 30 years of complex accounting, legal and tax experience, our team at Ken R. Ashworth & Associates is committed to bringing our expertise to help you ideally resolve any business litigation issue. Because our firm has competencies in nearly every area that can touch business litigation, we are ideally prepared to help you ideally resolve your issues efficiently, effectively, and with an eye on the bottom line.

We Can Help Develop A Comprehensive Plan for Addressing Litigation

We know that the only way to avoid the often steep expenses of business litigation is to understand an ideal plan before litigation. Because we work closely with clients, we are able to bring excellence, integrity, credibility, and creativity to help clients understand how and when to bring a suit, how to ideally defend and how it can affect their long-term goals.

Dedicated Representation in All Business Disputes

Our team is ideally suited to handle even the most complex business litigation issues, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Trademark infringement
  • Divorce valuation issues
  • Partnership splits
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Violation of confidentiality
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Violation of noncompete clauses

With our comprehensive knowledge of forensic accounting and our high level of jurisprudence, we are ready to work on even the most complex of issues. We look forward to hearing from you.

Using Alternate Dispute Resolution to Settling Business Disputes

Our Nevada business litigation attorneys understand that disputes and lawsuits disrupt your business. They can be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, we work to resolve disputes in an effective, timely manner. We believe in using the right strategy to solve a problem. In some cases, the best way to resolve business litigation is to use alternate dispute resolution (ADR).

Our attorneys are skilled trial litigators who do not hesitate to take a matter to court if that is the best way to protect your company. However, our Nevada business litigation lawyers are also talented and experienced negotiators who use ADR methods to settle business litigation and lawsuits. Two common methods of ADR used to resolve business litigation are mediation and arbitration. Many business contracts include provisions that require the parties to subject to mediation or arbitration.

  • Mediation

Mediation is a form of alternate dispute resolution or ADR. The parties choose a mediator to facilitate settlement discussions between the parties. Mediators assist the parties in defining the issues in dispute while helping the parties communicate productively to resolve the issues. The role of the mediator is not to resolve the dispute. The power remains with the parties to agree to a resolution and settlement of the disputed issues. The mediator’s role is to help remove obstacles to communication.

Many mediations begin as a joint session. Mediators may meet with the parties individually to learn more about each party’s position. The mediator may discuss weaknesses with the parties in their position to help them understand why compromising to reach a settlement is going to be the best resolution to the matter.

Mediation is not binding. The parties are not required to settle the matter. They are free to pursue a lawsuit if they desire.

  • Arbitration

Arbitration is more formal than mediation. It may also be binding on the parties. If the arbitration is binding, the arbitrator’s decision is enforceable in court, and the parties may have very limited reasons to appeal the decision.

An arbitrator’s role is to render a decision to resolve the dispute after both parties prevent testimony and evidence. There is no jury in an arbitration. The arbitrator is the judge and jury. An arbitration is similar to a trial, except the rules are much less formal. The arbitrator can hear evidence that would not be admitted in court. Arbitration is typically less costly than a trial and can be completed quicker than a trial.

Many businesses include binding arbitration clauses in their contracts. By using binding arbitration to settle disputes, a company can save money by avoiding business litigation. Of course, there is always a chance that the arbitrator will decide against the company. Therefore, a company can benefit from hiring an experienced Nevada business litigation attorney to handle the arbitration.

An attorney understands how to build a case and make strong arguments that the evidence presented at arbitration supports the company’s position and allegations. A binding arbitration should be viewed in the same way you would view a trial because the consequences could be devastating for the business.

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