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Las Vegas Lawyers Providing Forensic Accounting Services

Because we fuse complex accounting expertise with legal and tax experience that is second to none, we at the full-service, statewide Las Vegas business and estate planning law firm of Ken R. Ashworth & Associates are ideally prepared for any forensic accounting issue.

We have handled extremely complex accounting issues, receiverships and business valuations for S corps, C corps and limited liability companies, among others. Our work has included extensive accounting issues for large multi-billion-dollar businesses. As such, we are able to provide an analysis of any financial transactions of an estate, business or trust.

We Can Help Coordinate All Types Of Business Assets And Transactions

We are versed at tracking, verifying and coordinating of all assets and transactions, including:

  • Income and expenses
  • Tax deductions
  • Asset transfers
  • Tax deposits and payments
  • Contract obligations
  • Missing, hidden or abandoned assets
  • Calculation of executor and trustee commissions

We Have The Tools Necessary To Solve Complex Problems

Our lawyers are able to address complex fiduciary calculations, schedules and accounting adjustments between income and principal by utilizing computer analysis and cutting-edge calculation technology. Because we work closely with clients to understand all issues, we are able to apply our comprehensive knowledge in the most effective and efficient way while reaching a resolution that is ideal for client circumstance.

Our reputation, one hard earned through repeated demonstration of excellence, integrity and credibility, is beyond reproach. We have helped hundreds of clients reach ideal resolutions when they have aligned their goals with our legal know-how. We are ready to help you do the same.

Contact Our Nevada Law Firm For All Of Your Business’s Needs

Contact one of our Las Vegas forensic accounting attorneys today at 702-893-9500 or via email to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your legal needs.