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Las Vegas Tax Litigation Attorney

Las Vegas Lawyers Handling IRS Issues

Are you having trouble with the Internal Revenue Service relative to your individual, family or corporate tax returns? Are you living in fear of an IRS audit? Does litigation with the government loom large in your immediate future?

The Ken R. Ashworth & Associates business and taxation law firm in Las Vegas was originally formed more than 30 years ago to fulfill our founder’s commitment to provide the highest quality, most cost-effective legal services possible to our Southern Nevada clients. That commitment to excellence, integrity and credibility extends to our concentration on your IRS issues, such as potential IRS audits and tax litigation.

We offer aggressive, creative legal defenses for your business and individual tax status in Nevada and U.S. tax courts, dealing primarily with IRS delinquencies, back taxes, non-filed tax returns and criminal tax investigations. If you suspect that you are being investigated for or about to be charged with tax fraud or tax evasion, contact us online immediately or call us at 702-893-9500 for an initial consultation. Time is of the essence.

The Legal Help You Need When Facing Audits and Other Tax Matters

When you employ the lawyers at Ken R. Ashworth & Associates to straighten out an IRS issue or represent your interests during an audit, you receive services in related areas such as:

  • IRS levy on your bank accounts, liens on your property or garnishment of wages
  • Corporate, partnership, and income taxes and compliance
  • Offers in compromise, installment agreements and private letter rulings
  • Tax treaties
  • Tax debt relief
  • Tax notices
  • Capital gains, estate, and gift taxes
  • Tax appeals
  • Tax Court

The successful litigation practice at Ken R. Ashworth & Associates operates in tandem with our transactional practice in Southern Nevada. We represent entities and individuals in state and federal courts in both civil and white-collar criminal matters.

Protecting Your Interests in Litigation

In addition to IRS matters, our taxation attorneys regularly appear in litigation related to contract disputes, fraud and conspiracy, breach of fiduciary duty, unfair trade practices, partnership disputes, personal injury, gaming, intellectual property, administrative hearings, real estate, construction claims, and professional malpractice.

Your IRS audit and potential litigation are in good hands at Ken R. Ashworth & Associates. Our more than 30 years of excellence, integrity, and credibility in taxation on behalf of people just like you, and businesses just like yours, is proof positive that we can help.

When Do I Need a Nevada Tax Lawyer?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be extremely intimidating. IRS agents are not concerned if they frighten taxpayers. Some agents use intimidation tactics to gain additional information they can use in their audit or investigation. Therefore, it is typically best to contact a Nevada tax attorney if you receive a notice of audit or other IRS action. You have the right to legal counsel. Don’t give up your right to learn about your options and understand what you might be facing regarding a tax matter.

However, there are other instances in which you can benefit from the legal experience and guidance of a tax lawyer in Las Vegas. Other reasons to contact our law firm regarding tax matters include:

  • You are beginning a new business. The type of structure you choose for your company can affect how you pay personal income taxes. A tax lawyer can review the pros and cons of the various business entities to help you choose a business structure that is right for you.
  • The taxable value of your probate estate may exceed the exclusions for estate taxes. You may need to work with our attorneys to develop an estate plan that minimizes or eliminates estate taxes and gift taxes.
  • You are purchasing or selling a business. The terms of sale can create personal income liability if you are not cautious. A Nevada tax attorney reviews the sale agreement to ensure that the transfer does not contain terms that can increase your costs or liability.
  • You owe taxes to the IRS, the State of Nevada, or a local government entity. In some cases, you can set up a payment agreement with the IRS without an attorney’s help. However, if you do not owe the tax or you are being accused of fraud or other crime, you need an attorney now.
  • A tax court hearing has been scheduled. If your case is scheduled to go to court. It is usually in your best interest to have a Nevada tax attorney by your side in court.
  • You want to present an offer in compromise to the IRS. Depending on your situation, you might be able to settle your IRS tax debt for less than you owe. However, the process can become complicated depending on several factors. An experienced attorney might be able to quicken the process because he understands the process and has gone through it several times in the past.

If the IRS notifies you that it intends to investigate you or audit your tax returns, contact our office to speak with a Las Vegas tax attorney. You may only have a few days to gather and prepare documentation to file with the court. We can help!

Contact Us for Confidential Consultations on IRS Issues

Contact us online for your initial consultation at Ken R. Ashworth & Associates in Las Vegas. Or call us at 702-893-9500. Serving Southern Nevada with excellence, integrity, and credibility for more than 30 years.