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Las Vegas Business Partnership Lawyers

Are you thinking of forming a partnership with a business associate in order to share profits and losses, and earn tax breaks from the state of Nevada? Do you have concerns about the proper formation of a partnership and what should be addressed by the partnership agreement?

At the Las Vegas law offices of Ken R. Ashworth & Associates, we want to help you forge a lasting and mutually beneficial business partnership.

Contact us online today to schedule a initial consultation. We will put our more than 30 years of experience and commitment to excellence, integrity and credibility to work in the efficient and effective organization and formation of your partnership.

Skilled Legal Counsel For Business Formation And Other Matters

Due to its reputation for offering substantial tax breaks to businesses, people often choose to form partnerships and set up their corporations in Nevada.

A business partnership is established upon completion and execution of the partnership agreement under principles of simple contract law, but other important considerations exist. It is crucial for success that you are proactive and cognizant of those with whom you are partnering and that all potential legal documentation and agreements are in place to ensure ultimate success of the partnership. Our Nevada attorneys can assist you with all aspects of setting up your partnership, including:

  • Drafting and reviewing the terms of the partnership agreement
  • Drafting and reviewing articles of incorporation
  • Drafting and evaluating the ultimate effectiveness of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements

By choosing to be proactive in this regard, you may avoid costly and time-consuming litigation should your partnership come to an end.

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