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Medicaid Clawback Exemption

Posted in asset protection on September 19, 2023

The estate of a Medicaid recipient is generally obligated to repay Medicaid for the benefits the decedent received during their lifetime. This is sometimes referred to as Medicaid Clawback. Put more simply, Medicaid wants to be reimbursed for the benefits it paid to beneficiaries. There are exceptions, however. When a person makes an application for… (Keep reading)

How Does a Trust Work in Nevada?

Posted in trust on September 11, 2023

Nevada’s laws surrounding trusts are innovative and more cutting-edge than most states. Trusts in Nevada come with a myriad of estate planning benefits, and they meet the needs of many Nevadans. Below is an introspective look at the inner workings and resulting advantages of a Nevada trust. What Is a Nevada Trust? A trust is… (Keep reading)

What Is the Irrevocable Trust Law in Nevada?

Posted in trust on September 8, 2023

Many individuals who embark on the task of estate planning in Nevada pose the question, “What is the irrevocable trust law?” To understand how Nevada’s laws apply to an irrevocable trust, you should first understand what a Nevada revocable trust is. A revocable trust is a trust that can be revoked or recalled by the… (Keep reading)

The Benefits of an Integrated Estate Plan

Posted in estate planning on August 9, 2023

Many people choose to put it off and keep from doing any estate planning. We always think we’ll have more time to deal with it sometime later. However, you shouldn’t wait to deal with your estate planning, as an accident could happen at any time that leaves you incapable of making arrangements for your belongings… (Keep reading)

What Is the Difference Between an Estate Planning Attorney and a Probate Lawyer?

Posted in estate planning,probate on August 8, 2023

While some people use the terms estate planning attorney and probate lawyer interchangeably, the two are fundamentally different. Estate law is tricky for anyone unfamiliar with the terms, but it’s important to know what everything means when dealing with the law. Both attorneys help clients manage estates, but they do so at different times in… (Keep reading)

How to Prepare Before Meeting Your Las Vegas Estate Planning Attorney

Posted in estate planning,tax planning on July 19, 2023

Establishing an estate plan now is the smartest way to prepare for your loved ones’ futures after your passing. However, as you prepare to make your estate plan, it is critical to consider what needs to be done before you can properly begin. Meeting with your estate planning attorney is the most important step you… (Keep reading)

Tips for Establishing Nevada Residency

Posted in estate planning,tax planning on July 12, 2023

With its gorgeous landscape, affordable living, endless entertainment options, and favorable tax laws, Nevada continues to be an enticing and advantageous state for those looking to establish new residency. Fortunately, establishing residency in Nevada is fairly straightforward and simple. Once you’ve followed the necessary steps to become an official resident, you’ll be ready to begin… (Keep reading)

When to Hire a Las Vegas Estate Planning Attorney

Posted in estate planning on June 15, 2023

Now is always the right time to plan for the future. None of us knows what will happen or how long we have until it does. That is why it is ideal to take a proactive approach to preparation. When managing your property, early estate planning is the right way to ensure peace of mind,… (Keep reading)