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Category: estate planning

Nevada Homestead Law

Posted in asset protection,estate planning on November 15, 2022

Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) Chapter 115 is the law that establishes the right to homestead your primary residence. At present, a homeowner can protect up to $605,000 in equity, which the statute defines as the amount that is cletermined by subtracting from the fair market value of the property the value of any liens excepted… (Keep reading)

What Assets Are Not Considered Part of an Estate?

Posted in asset protection,estate planning on November 14, 2022

Estate planning is a very important process for almost everyone. Although it may be difficult to consider what will happen to your family after you pass, by creating an estate plan, you can protect your assets and your loved ones long after you are gone. Although the process is important, estate planning is a complicated… (Keep reading)

What Are the Components of an Estate?

Posted in asset protection,estate planning on November 10, 2022

Estate planning can be intimidating. Many people do not know where to begin, and others do not want to think about what will happen to their possessions, investments, and family members after they pass away. Although thinking about your own mortality can be an uncomfortable thought, it is extremely important that you take the proper… (Keep reading)

What Are the Inheritance Laws in Nevada?

Posted in asset protection,estate planning,probate on October 16, 2022

For most people, family is a priority. Caring for your loved ones can mean keeping yourself healthy, spending quality time together, and helping in times of need. Most people do not think about their own mortality when they consider caring for their family. However, one of the best things you can do for your family… (Keep reading)

What Makes a Will Legal in Nevada?

Posted in asset protection,estate planning,probate on October 15, 2022

No matter what stage of life you are currently in, it is important to have a reliable will for your assets. Although it may seem unnecessary if you are young and in good health, the reality is that it is never too early to begin the estate planning process. At the very least, you should… (Keep reading)

What Should You Not Put in a Trust?

Posted in estate planning,trust on August 16, 2022

Creating an estate plan is never an easy subject, and for some, dealing with death in such a cut and dry manner can be quite jarring. Although somewhat uncomfortable, creating an estate plan can help facilitate a smooth posthumous division of your assets that’s in line with your wishes. One key part of an estate… (Keep reading)

What Are the Common Estate Planning Mistakes People Make In Las Vegas, Nevada?

Posted in estate planning on August 15, 2022

Creating a plan for your estate is the best way to ensure the future of your assets. From deciding how to divide your money between your living relatives to ensuring that certain relatives get specific heirlooms, having a sound estate plan can make this process easier on the benefactors of your will. In some situations,… (Keep reading)

How Does a Probate Court Transfer Title to Real Estate?

Posted in asset protection,estate planning,probate on August 4, 2022

The answer is: it depends. If the property is community property, i.e., property held by a married couple,  and it is titled as “community property with right of survivorship” then title to the property transfers to the surviving spouse outside of probate. If the property is community property but not titled with rights of survivorship, the surviving… (Keep reading)