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Category: estate planning

What Is the Process of Probate in Nevada?

Posted in estate planning on May 9, 2024

The probate process can be a complicated one, especially if there is someone who is planning to contest the contents of a will. Ideally, you want the probate process to go as smoothly as possible so you can focus on grieving your recent loss. Regrettably, that is not always the case. If you are dealing… (Keep reading)

Understanding a Conflict of Interest with the Successor Trustee in Nevada

Posted in asset protection,estate planning on October 24, 2023

In a trust, the successor trustee, or the person who will take over the estate of a loved one when they pass, is also considered a beneficiary or someone who will inherit assets due to the trust. When the successor trustee is given certain responsibilities to the trust, yet they have their own self-interests they’d… (Keep reading)

Lifetime Estate and Gift Tax Exemption

Posted in estate planning,tax planning on October 20, 2023

It is expected that the lifetime estate and gift tax exemption will be around $5 million after 2025. For deaths occurring in 2023, the exemption amount is $12,920,000. Therefore, if anyone wants to make significant gifts, it is advisable to do so before 2025 ends.

What Happens When the Beneficiary Predeceases in Nevada?

Posted in asset protection,estate planning on October 15, 2023

It’s common for many residents throughout Nevada to consider how their estate and assets will be distributed after they pass on. However, there are some cases where a beneficiary, or the person who is entitled to receive part of the estate, passes away before the death of the individual, also called the testator. There is… (Keep reading)

The Benefits of an Integrated Estate Plan

Posted in estate planning on August 9, 2023

Many people choose to put it off and keep from doing any estate planning. We always think we’ll have more time to deal with it sometime later. However, you shouldn’t wait to deal with your estate planning, as an accident could happen at any time that leaves you incapable of making arrangements for your belongings… (Keep reading)

What Is the Difference Between an Estate Planning Attorney and a Probate Lawyer?

Posted in estate planning,probate on August 8, 2023

While some people use the terms estate planning attorney and probate lawyer interchangeably, the two are fundamentally different. Estate law is tricky for anyone unfamiliar with the terms, but it’s important to know what everything means when dealing with the law. Both attorneys help clients manage estates, but they do so at different times in… (Keep reading)

How to Prepare Before Meeting Your Las Vegas Estate Planning Attorney

Posted in estate planning,tax planning on July 19, 2023

Establishing an estate plan now is the smartest way to prepare for your loved ones’ futures after your passing. However, as you prepare to make your estate plan, it is critical to consider what needs to be done before you can properly begin. Meeting with your estate planning attorney is the most important step you… (Keep reading)

When to Hire a Las Vegas Estate Planning Attorney

Posted in estate planning on June 15, 2023

Now is always the right time to plan for the future. None of us knows what will happen or how long we have until it does. That is why it is ideal to take a proactive approach to preparation. When managing your property, early estate planning is the right way to ensure peace of mind,… (Keep reading)