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Year: 2022

Social Media Posts About Your Car Accident

Posted in Car Accident on January 19, 2022

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are popular forums for sharing details of one’s life with people. Therefore, it’s not surprising that social media has become an outlet for people to let it all hang out.  Though what you post, should never be posted or discussed on a public media forum for this… (Keep reading)

What Happens to Your Pets Once You Pass Away?

Posted in trust,trust funds on January 12, 2022

Do you have a plan for what happens to your pets once you pass away?  There are options.  Though you can’t leave money to a pet when you die you can care for your pet still.  One way is to leave your pet to someone in your trust or will.  You can choose the person and make sure that… (Keep reading)

Proposed 2021 Tax Code Changes

Posted in asset protection,tax planning,taxes on January 5, 2022

As many of you know, Congress is considering changing or not changing parts of the tax code.  These are some items that are being proposed. Capital Gains – There would be no increase from 20% to 25% to the long terms capital gains rate. Corporate Tax Rate – The rate for Corporations will not be increased… (Keep reading)