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Year: 2019

Tax Compliance

Posted in Firm News on December 31, 2019

The IRS will be increasing tax compliance. They are specifically looking at Tax Fraud. One area they will be concentrating on is cryptocurrency, another is excess or fraudulent charitable write offs and last but not least out-standing payroll taxes by employers.

Tax Time is around the Corner

Posted in Firm News on December 16, 2019

Here is a quick update on the 2019 deductions, credits and contribution limits for some common tax items.  The 2019 standard deduction for a single person is $12,200, for Head of Household, $ 18.350 and for Married Filing Jointly, $24,400.  The new standard deductions available have resulted in many more taxpayers using the standard deduction… (Keep reading)

Ways to stay Positive in work & Life

Posted in Firm News on November 21, 2019

Most of us have days we would love to stay in bed, but we end up going to work or being around loved ones carrying the bad mojo with us.  Work is definitely a place where we want to be at our best. Our attitude makes all the difference in the world to co-workers and… (Keep reading)

Are Promissory Notes Securities?

Posted in Firm News on November 6, 2019

Are you violating securities laws by raising money for your business through the issuance of a promissory note?   Most people know that the purchase and sale of instruments such as stocks and bonds are securities, making such investments subject to both federal and state securities laws.  This may mean an expensive registration process or… (Keep reading)

“S” Corporation Changes

Posted in Firm News on September 16, 2019

For years an “S” Corporation was not able to have a non-resident alien be a shareholder.  However the treasury department has issued a regulation to amend regulations to electing small business trusts (ESBTs) that are grantors.

Remember 911

Posted in Firm News on September 11, 2019

Enjoy the Labor day weekend!

Posted in Firm News on August 30, 2019

Project 150 Luncheon

Posted in Firm News on July 30, 2019