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Year: 2019


Posted in Firm News on July 24, 2019

Imagine that you have just had a major health problem that put you into the hospital and you are incapacitated.  The hospital will only allow two contacts to have an information code to talk to the Doctors. Who gets them?  How does the hospital know?  What can be done to make sure that the information… (Keep reading)

What is Bookeeping ?

Posted in Firm News on July 12, 2019

⇢Importance of Bookkeeping⇠ What is Bookkeeping? noun – [b oo k-kee-ping]:  The work or skill of keeping account books or systematic records of money transactions (distinguished from accounting). Key Components of Bookkeeping: Recording Financial Transactions Posting Debits and Credits Producing Invoices Bookkeeping Helps Keep a Clear Picture of Your Company’s Financial Health! Is your business organized?… (Keep reading)

Nevada Commerce Tax Update – June 2019

Posted in Firm News on June 27, 2019

The Nevada State Legislature modified the filing requirements for the Nevada Commerce Tax. Businesses with gross revenue below four million dollars for the July 1through June 30th fiscal year no longer have to file a return.  Only businesses with gross revenue of four million dollars or more are required to file a return and pay… (Keep reading)

Project 150 Luncheon

Posted in Firm News on June 27, 2019

Who do I choose?

Posted in Firm News on June 5, 2019

Things happen that are beyond our capacity. For instance, you receive a letter from the IRS stating they are going to audit your tax information for the past years. Another example can be that a family member has passed and left you as the trustee of their estate.  What do you do?  First off, take… (Keep reading)

Memorial Day

Posted in Firm News on May 24, 2019

ABC’s Of Litigation

Posted in Firm News on May 22, 2019

A:  Appeals, Answer and Agreement. Appeal: Almost any outcome in one court can be appealed to the next higher court.  Some decisions of the Justice Court, for example, can be appealed to the District Court, and likewise, a decision of the District Court can be appealed to either the Nevada Court of Appeals or the Nevada… (Keep reading)

IRS Tipping Payouts

Posted in Firm News on May 14, 2019

Business is good right now for anybody willing to turn tax cheats in to the IRS. Last year,the Service awarded more than $312 million to tipsters, according to a report released in February. This is exponentially greater than the then-record year of $125 million in 2012. Why? Because the 2018 tax collection results from whistleblowers… (Keep reading)