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Year: 2019

Communication in the Work Place

Posted in Firm News on May 8, 2019

Communication is the core to a productive and successful work environment.  Communicating is vital between co-workers; it prevents misunderstandings and conflict and creates a healthy ,peaceful environment. Communication gives you the tools to understand your co-workers and their needs to build a successful business.  It is also vital for client relations.  It is very important… (Keep reading)

Are you Ready for Retirement?

Posted in Firm News on May 2, 2019

When Social Security was created, it was meant to supplement a person’s other retirement savings.  Too many Americans today, however, do not have other retirement savings and do depend on Social Security as their only income in retirement.  Many of those who had retirement savings were forced to tap into those accounts during the recession… (Keep reading)

Estate Planning For The Single Parent

Posted in Firm News on April 26, 2019

You might be thinking why would I need an Estate Plan if I’m a single parent, aren’t they just for couples?  No, they are not just for couples.  An Estate Plan can help single parents.  Since Nevada does not use the Uniform Probate Code the procedures are not considered streamlined.  Having an Estate Plan can… (Keep reading)

Happy Easter!

Posted in Firm News on April 19, 2019

Tax season

Posted in Firm News on April 15, 2019

Federal Tax Return

Posted in Firm News on April 11, 2019

Keeping your Federal tax return after being prepared can be complicated. The rule is a minimum of three years.  However if you deal in stocks and bonds or Real Estate or Business you should keep them for basis purposes.  If you are in a dispute with the IRS you should keep your return until the… (Keep reading)

Spring is here!

Posted in Firm News on March 20, 2019

Happy St. Pattys Day!

Posted in Firm News on March 15, 2019