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Estate Planning For The Single Parent

Posted on April 26, 2019 in Firm News

You might be thinking why would I need an Estate Plan if I’m a single parent, aren’t they just for couples?  No, they are not just for couples.  An Estate Plan can help single parents.  Since Nevada does not use the Uniform Probate Code the procedures are not considered streamlined.  Having an Estate Plan can cover your children in a way that you want them to be covered.  It can direct the actions you want to take because it is specific to your needs and wants.

Having an Estate Plan will ensure that you, as a single parent, are looking out for your children even after you are gone.  Your assets can be given out in the way that you would want them to be and your children can be taken care of the way you desire.

It’s hard to think about the future, especially when you are a single parent.  Take the time to plan ahead.  Schedule a time to come in and discuss your Estate Plan.