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Category: probate

How Do I Set Up a Living Trust in Nevada?

Posted in asset protection,estate planning,probate,trust on May 16, 2022

Setting up a living trust is one of the most beneficial estate planning options you can choose in Nevada. A living trust, or a trust that you set up while you’re alive, can protect your assets and make for a smooth transition for your family members or beneficiaries after you’ve passed or have become incapacitated…. (Keep reading)

What Makes a Will Valid in Nevada?

Posted in asset protection,estate planning,probate on May 15, 2022

Having an established will to dictate the division of your real estate and personal property in the event of a death is one of the most important things you can provide for your family ahead of time. Your family will already be grieving, so having a will can provide legal directions as to exactly how… (Keep reading)

Validity of a Will in Clark County Nevada

Posted in asset protection,estate planning,probate,trust on May 4, 2022

Once someone passes away, a will, or something that you think could resemble a will, should be submitted to the court following the death of the person who wrote the will, and the court will decide whether it should be found valid. Nevada law provides that any individual over the age of 18 who is of sound mind… (Keep reading)

Do You Need a Lawyer to Make a Will in Nevada?

Posted in asset protection,estate planning,probate,trust on April 26, 2022

It is never easy to begin making an estate plan or drafting a will, but as a means of ensuring your wishes are respected in the event of your passing, creating a will is extremely important. When it comes to certain stipulations or requests you have about your health, beneficiaries, or even burial, a will… (Keep reading)

What Is a “Holographic Will” and Is It Valid in Nevada?

Posted in asset protection,probate on March 9, 2022

Put simply, a holographic will is a handwritten (versus typed) will, and, yes, it can be valid and enforceable in Nevada if done correctly. While having a handwritten will might sound simple, as with most things in the law, there are a number of requirements that such a document must possess before it will be… (Keep reading)

What Is Probate Litigation?

Posted in asset protection,probate on January 30, 2022

Probate litigation is a term that applies to any legal proceedings related to handling interference with an expected inheritance claim, addressing undue influence or incapacity issues, securing property that was taken wrongfully, quieting title to a property, seeking conciliation for a breach of fiduciary duty, disputing a trust, or contesting a will. What this means… (Keep reading)

What Are the Four Basic Types of Wills?

Posted in estate planning,probate on December 15, 2021

If you are in the process of planning your estate, then you must understand what types of different wills exist to ensure your wishes are carried out. While the process of estate planning can be overwhelming, learning about the different types of wills available can help make the process easier. Simple Will A simple will… (Keep reading)

2012 Estate Tax

Posted in asset protection,estate planning,Firm News,IRS,probate on October 19, 2012

On January 1, 2012, the federal estate tax exemption rate increased to $5.12 million for an individual ($10.24 million for a couple). That’s up 2.4% from $5 million in 2011. This means that estates get an additional $120,000 that is exempt from the federal estate tax rate of 35%. Planning your estate to take advantage… (Keep reading)