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What Happens When a Minor Inherits a Large Amount of Money?

Posted in asset protection,estate planning on March 29, 2022

If a decedent leaves money to a minor through his or her estate plan, the will or trust provisions would govern. For example, the descendant’s trust may provide that the funds be given to the minor over time upon reaching certain years age or grant the trustee the discretion to dole out money for his… (Keep reading)

Social Security Number

Posted in asset protection,identity theft on March 16, 2022

Some wealthy relative has asked for your Social Security number for their Trust.  Do you give it to them?  The answer is no.  Social Security numbers are not necessary in order to be named as a beneficiary in a Trust or a Will.  Your Social Security number is confidential. Someone can steal your number in various ways.  Stealing wallets, personal… (Keep reading)

When Should Estate Planning Begin?

Posted in asset protection,estate planning on March 15, 2022

Most financial advisors and estate planning attorneys would advise that once a person turns 18, estate planning should be at the top of the to-do list. When an individual reaches the age of 18, it is important to begin taking responsibility for their finances, power of attorney, and healthcare, and this includes planning for their… (Keep reading)

What Is a “Holographic Will” and Is It Valid in Nevada?

Posted in asset protection,probate on March 9, 2022

Put simply, a holographic will is a handwritten (versus typed) will, and, yes, it can be valid and enforceable in Nevada if done correctly. While having a handwritten will might sound simple, as with most things in the law, there are a number of requirements that such a document must possess before it will be… (Keep reading)

Digital Death

Posted in asset protection on February 3, 2022

What happens to your digital footprint when you die? The number of people who die having created a large digital footprint, such as social media, that will remain after they have passed is growing.  This may result in confusion or concern for the family.  Automated birthday or anniversary reminders, uncertainty of the deceased’s preference that profile be… (Keep reading)

What Is Probate Litigation?

Posted in asset protection,probate on January 30, 2022

Probate litigation is a term that applies to any legal proceedings related to handling interference with an expected inheritance claim, addressing undue influence or incapacity issues, securing property that was taken wrongfully, quieting title to a property, seeking conciliation for a breach of fiduciary duty, disputing a trust, or contesting a will. What this means… (Keep reading)

Tax Season Is Upon Us, 2021 Individual Tax Returns Are Due April 18, 2022

Posted in tax planning,taxes on January 26, 2022

We received three more days to file because of Washington D. C’s Emancipation Day and the weekend. The same is true for C Corporations. The deadline for calendar year S Corporation and partnership is March 15th, 2022. If you file an extension for your return remember that is for the return but your taxes should… (Keep reading)

Social Media Posts About Your Car Accident

Posted in Car Accident on January 19, 2022

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are popular forums for sharing details of one’s life with people. Therefore, it’s not surprising that social media has become an outlet for people to let it all hang out.  Though what you post, should never be posted or discussed on a public media forum for this… (Keep reading)