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Las Vegas Attorneys Handling Gaming Issues

Las Vegas is the nation’s gaming capital — the beacon of baccarat and blackjack. When forming your new gaming business anywhere in Southern Nevada, we hope you will remember our experienced business and gaming license law attorneys at Ken R. Ashworth & Associates.

Experienced Legal Representation For Gambling Businesses

After almost two decades of distinguished service to casino companies in Las Vegas and Clark County, we are known for the excellence, integrity and credibility we display in our dealings with every client. We speak passionately for your legal rights and business interests and insist on being readily available to tackle any spontaneous commercial concern.

The gaming lawyers of Ken R. Ashworth & Associates are uniquely qualified to represent you with important licensing, taxation and disciplinary actions for major casino properties in Nevada. We can swiftly and successfully evaluate any type of applicant entity, public or private, and guide you and your partners through the application process and beyond. Contact us online or call 702-893-9500 to schedule an  initial consultation.

Excellence, Integrity, Credibility In Gaming License Representation

Gaming license and business matters for which our law firm’s more than 30 years of leadership will serve your company well include:

The Las Vegas economic climate may look like a mirage when compared to the economic downturns in critical business sectors suffered across the country. As a valued casino-gaming license client of Ken R. Ashworth & Associates, together we can help sustain our area’s prosperous posture for many years to come.

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Your Nevada gaming business deserves the excellence, integrity and credibility that our experienced Las Vegas lawyers can bring. Contact us online or call 702-893-9500 to schedule an initial consultation.