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Las Vegas Business Law Attorneys

Businesses face a lot of complex legal issues. Even the act of starting a business can involve lots of red tape. That is why it is important to ensure that you have trusted legal counsel in your corner to help your business get off the ground and to maintain its continued success in the years to come.

At the Las Vegas law offices of Ken R. Ashworth & Associates, our lawyers have been serving the Southern Nevada business community for more than 30 years. To find out how we can help serve your business interests, contact us online, or call 702-893-9500 to schedule an initial consultation.

We Handle A Wide Range of Legal Matters Faced by Businesses

Our attorneys provide a variety of legal services to area businesses, including:

  • Business Partnership Agreements

Nevada has a reputation for providing significant tax breaks to its businesses. As a result, people often choose to form partnerships and incorporate within the state. Our deep roots within the community means that we understand the challenges that can occur when forming a partnership, and we understand how to get things done as efficiently as possible.

  • Business Valuation

When it comes to determining a business’s value, an accountant can be more useful than an attorney. We combine our legal knowledge with our CPA’s perspective, meaning that there is no business valuation for which we are unprepared.

  • Business Formation

We help businesses of all types and sizes determine the type of entity that will help them best meet their business goals. The type business entity you choose for your company’s structure has a significant impact on several aspects of your business, including payment of taxes; protection from personal liability; the company’s day-to-day operations; and, the business formalities required to maintain the legal entity. Our Nevada business attorneys draft comprehensive organization documents designed to give your business the strong, solid foundation it needs to succeed.

  • Dissolution, Mergers & Business Restructuring

In addition to entity formation, we can also handle business dissolution, mergers, and business restructuring. A business evolves over time. To be successful, you may need to take your company in a different direction. Our Nevada business lawyers assist business owners as they consider taking their company in a new direction.

We provide an experienced evaluation of the legal issues and matters related to a potential merger, restructure, or dissolution that could result in potential risks and liability for the owners and the company. Our lawyers carefully customize and tailor supporting documentation, contracts, memoranda, and agreements to ensure the protection of company interests during every phase of the transition.

  • Draft Business Contracts

Businesses of all sizes and types need comprehensive contracts and agreements to protect their interests and reduce the risk of liability. It can save time and money for your company to have forms, agreements, and contracts that are ready to use and designed for your company. Examples of contracts and agreements our lawyers draft to protect business interests include employment contracts, buy-sell agreements, nondisclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, leases, purchase agreements, service contracts, sub-contractor agreements, licensing contracts, warranty, indemnity agreement, and many others.

  • Business Litigation

Business disputes are a common occurrence. Internal disputes involving employees, partners, shareholders, or investors or external disputes between the company and other parties can be a time-consuming, costly distraction. Our lawyers focus on effective, cost-efficient solutions to business disputes so that you can return your focus to growing a successful business.

Our attorneys are talented negotiators and skilled trial attorneys. We attempt to resolve matters through negotiation and mediation, but if a matter must be tried, we are aggressive and prepared to defend your company or pursue legal action to protect your company’s best interests.

  • Contract Negotiation

Drafting iron-clad, enforceable contracts and agreements are only one factor in protecting your business interests. Aggressive, experienced contract negotiation is the other factor.

Before we begin negotiating contracts and agreements between your company and another party, we carefully analyze both positions so that we can come to the table with a strong negotiating position. Our legal team reviews the matter with you to set your goals and discuss any terms that are a deal-killer. Our Nevada contract lawyers review the laws and regulations related to the terms of the contract and check for industry-specific issues that could impact the negotiations and terms.

When your company enters into a contract, the company is legally bound to the contract terms. Do not overlook the importance of having an experienced, skilled Nevada business law attorney at your side to ensure that the terms and conditions are as favorable to your company as possible.

Contact Us for All of Your Business and Legal Needs

We are prepared to put our experience to work for your business. Contact us online or call 702-893-9500 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.

We provide legal advice and support in all areas of business law to entrepreneurs, start-ups, family-owned business, small businesses, non-profit organizations, partnerships, and larger corporate entities. When you need business law attorneys in Southern Nevada, contact the law offices of Ken R. Ashworth & Associates.

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