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Why Is Business Litigation Important?

Posted on December 18, 2023 in asset protection

Business owners should always know the importance of having an attorney to help them through a legal issue they may be facing. Whether you are a small, family-owned business or a corporation with many branches, having legal representation can protect your company and its future. A Nevada business litigation lawyer can advocate for you and defend you from claims or press a claim against someone who’s acted illegally against you.

You need to know why business litigation is important and how it can affect your business. If you don’t, it can put you at risk of being unprepared when you head to court and could cost you money.

What Is Business Litigation, and Why Is It Important?

Business litigation occurs anytime a business is the target of a claim or is filing against another entity. A Las Vegas business litigation attorney will represent the company in the proceedings to try and get an acceptable outcome.

Why Is Business Litigation Important?


Businesses have different legal needs than individuals, and their attorneys will have more experience working in corporate litigation, contract law, and other types of legalities for businesses. Instead of pursuing personal injury claims or working to defend a client in criminal court, a business litigation attorney will be working on cases related to intellectual property law and breach of contract.

Many people consider hiring a business litigation attorney only important if they have outside concerns, but there is plenty to protect from inside your business. The right attorney can help protect your business from both external and internal offenses. Whether you are dealing with an internal dispute with your partners or shareholders or are trying to defend yourself against a claim from employees, business litigation allows you to defend yourself and keep your business going.

When Do You Need a Business Litigation Lawyer?

Many big businesses have a litigation lawyer on retainer, but smaller organizations don’t always realize how important it is to have an attorney by their side. Some of the most common reasons a business or corporation may seek assistance from a business litigation lawyer are:

  • Labor and employment litigation: These cases often involve an employee filing a claim against the business based on missing pay or other alleged labor violations. Your attorney can advocate for you in court if the case gets that far, or they can help you reach a settlement to bring the claim to a quiet close.
  • Intellectual property issues: If you’ve properly filed all trademark and patent paperwork, you have a legal right to protect your intellectual property. If someone is using your branding or other copyrighted work for their business, you can file a claim against them to get them to cease and desist. You may also go after another company that you believe stole your trade secrets or who is damaging your brand.
  • Partnership disputes: A business partnership can be a long and fruitful one, but sometimes the arrangements end up in disputes. If you believe your partner is misappropriating funds or attempting to harm your business, you can call a business litigation lawyer to represent you in the dispute. Your lawyer can help you negotiate with the partner or advocate for you in court if the situation gets to that point.
  • Breach of contract: One of the most common reasons to hire a business litigation attorney is that a breach of contract can happen anytime someone or a company fails to uphold the terms of an agreement. Some common examples include a company you contract with not delivering goods or performing tasks you hired them for. Your business law attorney can help you seek restitution for any breach of contract offenses.

Is It Important to Have a Lawyer When Dealing With Business Litigation?

Business law is often complex and difficult to understand, even for those who are well-versed in the business they own and the laws surrounding it. Letting a business litigation attorney handle your case frees you up to worry about handling your company instead of dealing with legal issues.

A business litigation attorney will also give you a better chance at a positive outcome for your case. They will be able to negotiate with the other side more effectively than you and can advocate for you in court effectively. With an attorney on your side, you stand a better chance of winning the case and resolving the dispute in your favor.


Q: What Does a Business Litigation Attorney Do?

A: Business litigation attorneys represent businesses in disputes with other companies or with people. These disputes may be due to a breach of contract, partnership disputes, labor litigation, or intellectual property theft. Your attorney will represent you in these cases and advocate for you in court and during any settlement negotiations.

Q: How Do People File a Claim Against a Company in Nevada?

A: Anyone wishing to file a claim against a Nevada company can do so with Nevada Consumer Affairs. The plaintiff will need to bring supporting documents with them to demonstrate they have a legitimate case. The NCA will not investigate most claims except in the case of issues like fraud, scams, or deceptive advertising.

Q: Why Do Companies Attempt To Avoid Litigation?

A: While litigation can give some companies a better chance at getting the verdict they want in their case, it also comes with a steep drawback: the monetary cost. Going to court and paying for attorneys will add money to the case, and many companies will try to settle out of court to avoid a protracted legal battle and the expenses that come with it.

Q: What Is the Difference Between Litigation and Settling?

A: Litigation involves the plaintiff and defendant heading to court to allow a judge and jury to hear the dispute and the arguments. Both sides will present their arguments and must adhere to the court’s decision. Settling involves both sides agreeing outside of court to a deal they both find acceptable. Settling costs less in attorney’s fees but may not produce the desired result.

Ken R. Ashworth & Associates: Experienced Business Litigation Lawyers

Whether you are dealing with a breach of contract dispute or trying to defend yourself from an issue with intellectual property theft, you need a business litigation attorney to represent you. At Ken R. Ashworth & Associates, we have experience representing businesses and giving them the help they need.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business with any litigation.