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Tax Evasion and the IRS

Posted on April 29, 2013 in Firm News,IRS

True or false: The IRS wants to throw you in jail for tax evasion.

It is very rare for the IRS to show up at your home, cuff you and haul you off to jail. Most criminal investigations conducted by the IRS are linked to fraud, drug or money laundering activities. The IRS is the one federal agency that investigates criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code.

Here are a few tips to stop the IRS from pursuing you:

File and pay your taxes in a timely manner.

Do NOT ignore letters and correspondence from the IRS. Ignorance is not bliss!

If you do get audited, do not go in angry or defensive.

Never destroy records. This could be considered a crime.

Hire an attorney!

Just remember, even if you cannot pay your taxes, it is best to file a return and work it out. There are many options for paying your taxes over time. Besides, you might sleep a little easier without those prison nightmares.