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Non-discloser agreements

Posted on March 10, 2021 in Firm News


Have you ever wondered how to keep your information safe when another person or company is involved? Well, you have come to the right place.  There is a contract you can have signed called a Non-disclosure agreement. This agreement allows both parties involved to only speak about the item or thing involved between themselves.


Non-disclosure agreements help a person to keep something a secret. This information is sensitive to whoever has the information. You may see a Non-disclosure agreement in the following situations:

-New ideas


-New employee

– Doctors office (This is more of a disclosure agreement. The doctor cannot share information until you give them permission)


Every Non-disclosure agreement may look different, but there are items included in all non-disclosure arguments that are similar. A normal non-disclosure agreement includes:


1)   Name of parties involved in the agreement

2)   The items involved that can not be disclosed or shared.

3)    Extra information that cannot be discussed outside of the involved parties.

4)   Date of the agreement


Non-disclosure agreements are so that the parties involved feel safe telling others their thoughts. Items and information covered by the agreement stay secret and the parties involved have to keep everything a secret . If you have any questions, contact Ken Ashworth and Associates ay (702)893-9500