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IRS Technology

Posted on August 18, 2021 in Firm News,IRS,taxes

Anyone who has tried to contact the Internal Revenue Service in the last eighteen months can probably tell you about long wait times, courtesy disconnects and in general, a very frustrating experience.  The outdated systems and technology at the IRS were ill equipped to handle remote work and much of the work that did occur during the pandemic ground forward at a snail’s pace.  The Service is still backed up with no clear indication of when they expect to ‘catch up’.  In July of 2020 the Department of the Treasury made updating the outdated systems a priority.  This year’s federal budget allocation to the IRS was increased to help pay for the much-needed technology overhaul.  While it may take a while for the improvements to be apparent, the process has begun.  If you need assistance dealing with the IRS, please contact Ken R. Ashworth & Associates.