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A Paralegals day!

Posted on August 7, 2018 in Firm News

What’s a day in the life of a Paralegal? BUSY! An integral role in the “day in the life of a law office” for certain, but generally not the glamorous life of Erin Brockovich! A paralegal performs many tasks essential to the day-to-day routines and procedures in support of the practice of law by attorneys.¬† Typically, in a day, a paralegal might accomplish a wide variety of tasks, such as Contact and conference with clients; Update master calendars with dates for client meetings, court hearings, deadlines relevant to litigation, business and tax work; Case planning, development and management; Draft, revise and finalize litigation and probate pleadings, trust agreements, contracts and correspondence; Perform Legal research, analysis and summarization of various documents; and facilitate filings with the various levels of the Federal, State, Justice and Municipal¬†courts, as well as Federal and State administrative agencies. A paralegal might also attend court or administrative hearings and trials, depositions, executions of wills and trusts, real estate escrow closings, and just might possibly¬†-on the rare occasion-have an occasional lunch date with colleagues and co-workers!