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When Nevada high net worth individuals and organizations have exhausted other means of resolving tax disputes, they turn to the tax court expertise of Ken R. Ashworth & Associates. For more than 20 years, our firm has provided aggressive advocacy and comprehensive tax knowledge to help clients save millions in tax court.

Our attorneys have extensive experience arguing complex matters in court related to expenses and income, including those related to:

  • Fiduciary responsibility
  • Large ticket purchases
  • Depreciation
  • Write-offs in S corps
  • 1120 disputes

If you or your organization needs to go to tax court to resolve a dispute, we are ready to provide the expertise our team has honed in more than two decades of practice to help you reach an ideal outcome.

Your Guides To Navigating Complex Tax Disputes

In the wake of an audit, after the appeals process, filers who disagree with the finding of the IRS can go to the United States Tax Court.

When this process is undertaken, the IRS issues a statutory notice of deficiency, also known as a "90-day letter." This gives a taxpayer 90 days to file a petition. If the petition is not filed, the tax is assessed. If it is filed, litigation commences with the filer acting as the plaintiff and the IRS as the defendant. Tax court is highly specialized with judges who often have a comprehensive tax understanding and significant experience determining the outcome of tax disputes.

The entire process can be intensely complex, with innumerable deadlines and protocols that need to be followed. Failure to ideally undertake the process can cost millions of dollars. We have been aiding clients in tax court for more than 20 years and are committed to your success. We encourage you to reach out.

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