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Are you concerned that your aging or ill relative or friend is no longer able to competently handle his or her own personal affairs? Are you considering seeking guardianship so that you can better take care of them and get them the help they need?

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Ensuring A Person's Medical And Financial Wishes Are Carried Out

The fact is that people in our society are living longer, leading to an increased population of aging Americans. As people age, they become more likely to grant their children or other close relatives and friends durable powers of attorney to make decisions on their behalf, for reasons of asset protection and prevention of manipulation, amongst others.

Unfortunately, due to difficulties in enforcement of these durable powers of attorney, an increasing number of organizations are no longer accepting a power of attorney as sufficient proof that this person can make decisions on the elderly or sick person's behalf. For example, many Nevada banks will no longer allow you to make financial transactions with a power of attorney.

Fortunately, there is an alternative — under Nevada law, a close relative or friend can seek guardianship of an incapacitated person. A guardianship or conservatorship will allow you to make medical and financial decisions on your relative or friends' behalf, as well as complete related necessary transactions. A guardian also takes on the responsibility for his or her ward — ensuring that his or her best interests are always accounted for in making these decisions and transactions.

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